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About Us



We are committed to provide technological & environmentally sustainable solutions through cost effective process engineering & industrial automation with an objective of increase in productivity & reduction in cost.


To contribute to the economic growth of the country by providing environmentally sustainable solutions for Industrial process automation & generate employment.

The problem we are addressing

  • Industrial units facing challenges in terms of Productivity, Process optimization, Energy conservation, breakdowns in the production process, & look for cost effective solutions in industrial process engineering & automation.
  • Manufacturers have Complex Technical Challenges & have to cope up with Govt. regulations.
  • We provide environmentally sustainable solutions to the industries in compliance with the Govt. regulations.

Our value proposition

Manufacturing units & System Integrators who are product quality & price conscious, and who looks for the cost-effective process automation, we offer our maintenance free premium products & automation services, thereby increasing plant productivity while reducing on manpower cost. This ultimately results in delightful experience to the process & plant Owners.



Founded by Pritin Duragkar in 2004, K P INSTRUMENTS has a rich experience in Process Control & Analytical Instrumentation. Over the years our customers have entrusted us to be their RELIABLE SOLUTION PROVIDER.

We have a very wide range of products in our portfolio. We provide Process solutions for flow, level, pressure, analytics, temperature, recording & digital communications, Industrial Automation &Lab Setup

Young & talented engineers form the core of our strong team taking care of sales, service, installation & commissioning related activities.

We are always open to partner & collaborate for future projects & are excited to bring our talent to the table.

We are constantly expanding with the aim of increasing the number of satisfied customers.


What We Do?

  • Partnered with globally acclaimed Technology firms, technical consultants with Industry experience, & developed our inhouse project execution team.
  • We have instruments working on state-of-the-art technology, designed especially for extreme process conditions.
  • Armed with a team of strong technical personnel & patented technology of our partners, we help our customers solve their complex technical problems
  • Rate contract for bulk requirement for price advantage